Unlocking Services

Omega Tech has been unlocking iPhone's and other cell phones since it started! We've even been the first one to develop unlocking methods for the iPhone as they released their new firmware versions to the public. So if you want an iPhone unlock you can trust, you know exactly who to call. Let us unlock your iPhone or other qualifying device and you'll be able to take your device to any service carrier as well as do other things that were not possible with a locked phone or device.

Cell Phone Repair Service

Did you break your phone? Did someone else break your phone! No matter how you broke it, Omega Tech has the right tools to fix it. Our expert trained and certified technician can handle any cell phone repair job, big or small! We've repaired thousands of cell phones right here in the bay area and around the united states. We can diagnose your phone and we keep all parts stocked so there is no waiting time for shipping parts to our store. Give us a call or use our Free Cell Phone Repair Quote Form to find out what it will take to get your phone back to normal!

Computer Repair

Let Omega Tech fix your broken desktop computer or laptop for an affordable price. We can fix it all, repairing hardware and software issues are no problem for our certified technicians. We use top of the line repair tools and equipment and our technicians are up to date with the latest repair standards and techniques.

Just bring in your computer or laptop to one of our repair centers and our technicians can diagnose the problem and let you know right away what your computer problem is going to take to be fixed!

Buy / Sell / Trade

Sell your old phone or other devices for cash! Come in today with your old devices broken or not and we will buy it! We accept all types of devices like smartphones, computers and tablets! When you come in we will evaluate your phone based on the condition and even help you wipe your data! 

Call today to set up an appointment to get CASH for your old devices!


Let's go Green!

That broken laptop in your garage and unused cell phones in the drawer is taking up space without you knowing it. Before these electronics get disposed of incorrectly, bring them in to us! You just might even receive some cold hard cash for them.

Have peace of mind that your electronics will be disposed of correctly. We have teamed up with Earth Care Recycling and are accepting your junk electronics. Keep in mind: There is no monetary incentive for us to do this. We do this only for the reassurance of letting our planet Earth breathe a bit easier. Please do not let your electronics clog up space, or worse, send them to a landfill! Stop by today!

On Site Services

People are always on the go with their their daily duties. That's why we offer a variety of on site services to help accommodate those who don't have the time to come in! Whether it is fixing your phone on the spot or setting up your new in home Wi-Fi, we do it all. Most of our in store services are available on site with flexible schedules! Contact us today for more information!